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Vegan Yellow Squash Casserole & Meat-filled Green Bean Casserole

I never liked green beans as much as my beloved sweet peas but whatever combination was put in this recipe hit the spot. I didn’t even really notice or think I was eating green beans. There was something “bacon like” I was tasting. This was something that I’ve never had before but once it hit my taste buds I was an immediate fan. Most of you may be thinking everything my Girl cooks can’t always be good. Sometimes she can go left on me like with the hamburger/hot dog thing but I’m telling you she is Blessed. Another great feeding. I have something new I can say I’ve tried and I’m a very picky eater. Chicken and beef for Life. LOL.

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Gnocchi Pumpkin Cream Sauce

The pasta was nutritious. I loved the flavor, it really blended well with the potatoes. I felt like I was cheating because I felt really full after each serving. BUT THAT CHICKEN THO!!! I know you’re saying, “This write up has nothing to do with the chicken Babe!” BUT AGAIN, THAT CHICKEN WAS EMACULATE!

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Potato Crust Breakfast Quiche

When I was younger my God brother made a quiche in his home economics class one day. He brought it home to his family and I ate some for dinner that night. Since then I have loved this dish but my mom didn’t know what it was and wasn’t about to waste her good money on experiments. When I saw this meal it immediately took my back to the day he brought the quiche home. It looked like cake to me not only because of the shape but because I had long craved that meal for many years. I guess that’s the unspoken bond me and my Babygirl have. Needless to say I had it for breakfast , lunch, and dinner. The mix of ingredients were perfectly blended. And again I can think she mixed in some greenery to make it wholesome, but I didn’t care I was just happy to remember that childhood memory. It was a wonderful mix of pleasure that myself personally ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thank you Nic Love!!

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No-Bake Summer Fruit Cheesecake Parfait

Cheesecake…I renamed this dish “Creamy Crack” because I ended up eating the whole thing after trying to save a little for later. I put it in the fridge to let it cool. I took a spoon and made sure I mixed it up real good. The mixture of all those ingredients was so good! I think you tricked me because although it was so good…I can tell it was healthy but yet satisfied my need for sugar! You a genius!!!

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