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1-3-4 Lemon Garlic Thyme Chicken Marinade

Fried Chicken!!!!! My second Love!!!! Now you know I wasn’t going to get fried chicken. I got something much better, healthier, and to my surprise more tasty. My BOO DID THIS to PERFECTION. The sandwich was a perfect combination of all that “healthy stuff” and chicken seasoned to perfection. I was supposed to put the extra chicken in the freezer but that didn’t happen. I found myself snacking on them individually and now they are all gone. Nic Love has a way of making me see things from a different meal variety. Never thought I would love any other type of chicken besides fried chicken, but now I’m a Grill Chicken Wrap Lover! Who’da Thunk It!!

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Flavor Bomb Cilantro Ginger Orange Honey Marinaded Grilled Trout

I’ve never been a fan of eating baked fish…the only fish I like these days is fried Tilapia, which my baby says is fake fish. I must say the baked trout was full of flavor…the seasoning was so good! After eating it I felt like I had eaten a lean meat, and didn’t have me all sluggish. The fact that it was grilled added a smoky taste that made me feel more comfortable because again, I am not a fish fan. I had a side of corn on the cob with the my trout which made it a complete meal. I will take this meal once a week if I could.

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