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Tiger Approved Cheezeburger Soup

My absolute new favorite soup of All Time!!! Geesh……I didn’t realize hamburger could be made into a soup. It was the flavor and taste for me. Just like hamburger and you know a Brother loves himself some hamburger. Then to only learn as of yesterday that there was no hamburger at all in the soup!!! Oh well, if she hadn’t told me I would have never known. This just proves how talented and skilled Nic is at what she does!!! Great Recipe! I devoured it!

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Italian Chicken Wild Rice Soup

I absolutely Loved the soup!! I don’t eat soup that much but this was awesome Babe! I couldn’t get enough-I was mad again when it was all gone. The mixture of the veggies, rice, and whatever other healthy stuff you snuck in felt very nutritious! And you know the addition of the last ingredient just made it all good: THE CHICKEN! I’m about to start calling you the CHICKEN QUEEN! 🤤😂

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Portioned Turkey Meat Loaves With Cauli-Potato Mash

I put in a request for meatloaf and potatoes – again I feel like I’ve been fooled in some type of way! I found myself eating the meatloaf with my hands because I‘m country and it was so good I didn’t have time for a fork. The flavor was just popping out of the meat. The mash potatoes complimented the meatloaf well but I feel like there was something I did not know thrown in the recipe. Overall I loved this meal so much I had it two times in one day!!

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Chicken Veggie Packed Pot Pies

I’ve never been a chicken pot pie guy. So when the idea of eating a chicken pot was presented by lovely Lady I was a bit apprehensive. I can say that the way you mixed the vegetables with all those good chicken chunks was very tasteful. And the crust just topped it all off because I’m a big fan of any type of crust good the right way. The roasted potatoes were cooked to perfection. I love the way you seasoned them and made them into bite size pieces. Now broccoli is just broccoli and I hate it. But of course you’re gonna insist I eat healthy and as you always say, “Babe, you got to include your veggies in every meal.” So I ate the broccoli but it wasn’t the highlight…hell it’s broccoli. Overall this was a good meal. I felt energized by the nutrients.

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