So glad that you found your way to our part of the wild jungle of the world. We are Tiger + Love, with him being Delvecchio and her being Nic. One thing that many find odd is that I am a vegetarian feeding a very picky meat eater. Yes I do my best to convert him, and it just him mainly eating things just to please me, which I love! One thing about my profession as an Esthetician and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach I embrace meeting people where they are. You will find this approach with every recipe and meal that I feed him focused on adding in as many non meat ingredients as possible, with a little bit of meat to enhance the overall feeding experience. You will also notice that he writes up his own review on how he feels about the feeding, found at the bottom of each recipe post.

Welcome to our jungle!
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Winter White Bean Chicken Chili

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken is great in any form that Nic cooks for me! The soup is soothing for my soul. I put what I had left in the freezer as instructed. Yesterday was one of the coldest days of the year for sure. I unthawed the Chicken Chili and it was like sitting next to my Grandma in front of the fireplace. Of course I loved the chicken and taste of the broth but what I enjoyed most is the feeling of love going through my body as I sipped on each spoonful.

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Tiger Approved Cheezeburger Soup

My absolute new favorite soup of All Time!!! Geesh……I didn’t realize hamburger could be made into a soup. It was the flavor and taste for me. Just like hamburger and you know a Brother loves himself some hamburger. Then to only learn as of yesterday that there was no hamburger at all in the soup!!! Oh well, if she hadn’t told me I would have never known. This just proves how talented and skilled Nic is at what she does!!! Great Recipe! I devoured it!

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Prosecco Sun-dried Tomato Mushroom Chicken

And it was a “Celebration”! The chicken didn’t last at all! The Sauce…oh the sauce! I give this feeding a ten out of ten. I think I was eating a vegan pasta on the side, but never less ….it was a great combination! Thanks Babygirl!!!

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Cheddar Biscuit Sloppy Joe Casserole

Ground beef and bread – my favorite combination! I love Sloppy Joe but I’ve never had it topped with biscuits but as my Babygirl says, “Why Not?” Homemade biscuits reminded me of the mornings in the country with my Grandmother. I wish I could have woke up to the smell and the steam rising. Mad I didn’t have some homemade maple syrup. That’s sounds really nasty to mix syrup, sloppy Joe, and biscuits but hey, I’m a country boy! The Sloppy Joe was perfectly flavored but just like every meal their was a trick somewhere…I just haven’t figured this one out yet!

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