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Vegan Yellow Squash Casserole & Meat-filled Green Bean Casserole

I never liked green beans as much as my beloved sweet peas but whatever combination was put in this recipe hit the spot. I didn’t even really notice or think I was eating green beans. There was something “bacon like” I was tasting. This was something that I’ve never had before but once it hit my taste buds I was an immediate fan. Most of you may be thinking everything my Girl cooks can’t always be good. Sometimes she can go left on me like with the hamburger/hot dog thing but I’m telling you she is Blessed. Another great feeding. I have something new I can say I’ve tried and I’m a very picky eater. Chicken and beef for Life. LOL.

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Honey Orange Chicken with Veggie Fried Rice

I’m not sure if it was Chinese, Japanese, or Taiwanese, but it wasn’t enough. Another meal I couldn’t stop eating…I ate it for breakfast one day. Maybe that’s why it didn’t last long? The rice and its added flavors was better than the China King restaurant down the street! And the CHICKEN was so tender. I wanna watch you make this meal one day! How do you know how to do all three things? MORE CHICKEN ME PLEASE!!!

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Apple Cider Doughnuts

The doughnuts!!!!!!! Simply Amazing is all I can say. I don’t get sweet treats very often but when I do “OMG”. All I can say is Thank you!! I don’t have a comment because they never stood a chance!!!! PerioDT!!!!

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