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Gnocchi Pumpkin Cream Sauce

The pasta was nutritious. I loved the flavor, it really blended well with the potatoes. I felt like I was cheating because I felt really full after each serving. BUT THAT CHICKEN THO!!! I know you’re saying, “This write up has nothing to do with the chicken Babe!” BUT AGAIN, THAT CHICKEN WAS EMACULATE!

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Portioned Turkey Meat Loaves With Cauli-Potato Mash

I put in a request for meatloaf and potatoes – again I feel like I’ve been fooled in some type of way! I found myself eating the meatloaf with my hands because I‘m country and it was so good I didn’t have time for a fork. The flavor was just popping out of the meat. The mash potatoes complimented the meatloaf well but I feel like there was something I did not know thrown in the recipe. Overall I loved this meal so much I had it two times in one day!!

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1-3-4 Lemon Garlic Thyme Chicken Marinade

Fried Chicken!!!!! My second Love!!!! Now you know I wasn’t going to get fried chicken. I got something much better, healthier, and to my surprise more tasty. My BOO DID THIS to PERFECTION. The sandwich was a perfect combination of all that “healthy stuff” and chicken seasoned to perfection. I was supposed to put the extra chicken in the freezer but that didn’t happen. I found myself snacking on them individually and now they are all gone. Nic Love has a way of making me see things from a different meal variety. Never thought I would love any other type of chicken besides fried chicken, but now I’m a Grill Chicken Wrap Lover! Who’da Thunk It!!

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Sweet Pea Stuffed Blackened Chicken Thighs

I requested baked chicken and of course My Babygirl obliged. The chicken was cooked to perfection. When I cook my chicken it always come out overcooked and tough, so I admire the fact that it was so tender. She always has something up her sleeve! I was saying to myself, “ this guacamole is a nice touch.” Now remind you I’m not a fan of guacamole so I have no idea what it taste like really, I just know it was a good stuffing for this recipe. Turns out it was my favorite pea made into some type of stuffing doohickey…only HER. She got me again, but it was awesome. Oh and, I can’t cook rice either so to be able to eat rice that was not hard in the middle was a plus as well.

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