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Chicken Fajita Pie Bake

This one was a surprise because I thought it was Chicken Pot Pie? I asked for a Mexican dish so I should have known better. I don’t know whether you created it from an idea out of your head or if this is really a dish, but it was awesome. This is a top three for me, and my cousin Chris had a field day stealing them from me…he’s a fan now! As you know I’m really not into Mexican Food like that but this one I can eat this weekly. It had so much flavor. All the mixtures of whatever you put in it blended perfectly. Three thumbs up with this one. Oh, and Chris said your Green Stuff (guacamole) was Superb!

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Potato Crust Breakfast Quiche

When I was younger my God brother made a quiche in his home economics class one day. He brought it home to his family and I ate some for dinner that night. Since then I have loved this dish but my mom didn’t know what it was and wasn’t about to waste her good money on experiments. When I saw this meal it immediately took my back to the day he brought the quiche home. It looked like cake to me not only because of the shape but because I had long craved that meal for many years. I guess that’s the unspoken bond me and my Babygirl have. Needless to say I had it for breakfast , lunch, and dinner. The mix of ingredients were perfectly blended. And again I can think she mixed in some greenery to make it wholesome, but I didn’t care I was just happy to remember that childhood memory. It was a wonderful mix of pleasure that myself personally ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Thank you Nic Love!!

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